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Many surfers enjoy the feeling of freedom on a live-aboard cruising boat (safari boat) as many of the surfing locations are beyond the reach of any resort. Typically the live-aboards accommodate up to 12 guests.

All surf cruises we offer have experienced surf guides on board with an excellent knowledge of the local surfing conditions. They will take you to less accessible areas where you can anchor up right next to the break. You can literally stay there all week, choosing the times you want to surf, thereby guaranteeing you the greatest chance of catching the ride of a lifetime! In addition, some of the spectacular surfing locations are usually some distance from the resorts, so surf cruise provides the flexibility to surf the top locations and catch the best waves. In the evening your safari boat has the option of stopping at a resort, so you can enjoy drinks at a bar, a disco night or a cultural show.

There is also plenty to do on the boats such as fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and relaxing on the sun lounges and deck chairs with a cold beer.

Whether you choose a group package cruise or decide to charter a boat exclusively, you can be assured of an unforgettable journey of thrilling discovery with our surfing package recommendations.

Hariyana, Maldives Hariyana, Maldives
Tropical Cruise, Maldives Sunset Queen
Tropical Cruise, Maldives Tropic Breeze
Tropical Cruise, Maldives Tropic Wave

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