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Surf Equipment

It is recommended to take everything you need. Surfing equipment is hardly available in Maldives or in resorts. Board size is a personal thing, but it would be wise to bring an assortment for various conditions. Most surfers may find a short fun board suitable for most conditions in the Maldives, but bring a longer board for bigger swells. Maldivian water is warm enough to swim without a wetsuit. A wetsuit or a shorty is not necessary. In this warm and crystal clear water. A rash guard or long sleeved T-shirt is highly recommended for sun protection. Booties are essential for picking your way on over exposed coral reefs, and a helmet is recommended.

It is difficult to find any spear surfing gear in the Maldives, so bring all the boards you might need. However a two boards quiver is sufficient, with a short board and a semi-gun (6’8’’ to 7’2’’) for bigger days.

It is recommended to bring plenty of waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher because Maldives is in equator giving you plenty of sun.


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